The Winter Long-Distance Race Kicks Off :

As soon as the starting gun fired, candidates flooded out of the starting line and followed the the race route . Hundreds of students were in the playground. Some were runners, and others were audiences.

The winter long-distance race is one of the schoolĄ¯s traditional sports events, which aims to encourage and activate the teaching faculty as well as the students to participate in the physical exercise and achieve the goal of national fitness. To ensure a safe and orderly race, PE teachers of the school have emphasized competition safety while PE classes Besides, the physical health department has located some self-made bulletins at crowed places so as to spread sportsmanship and make it easier for the students to notice some tips on long-distance race. In addition, school doctors were monitoring the whole race in case accidental injuries.

Headteacher Race is the highlight of the race, which is a new event. According to the rule, class teachers who manage to finish the race on time will be awarded 2 points which is added to the total score of the class he/she is in charge of. By doing so, headteachers can share the laughter and happiness of sports with his or her students, which makes them closer to each other and lays a solid foundation for a better class culture.


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