School Women's Basketball Team won sixth place in National Middle School Basketball League :

The Wonen's Basketball Team of Nankai won sixth place in the National Middle School Basketball League held in jinan,shandong from 18th to 25th of march,2013.

Great changes have been made about the competition system. The traditional five-a-side game was changed into a ten-a-side. Therefore, it requires that every athlete should equip himself with solid skills and be able to cooperate with teammates tacitly. Facing a tough and demanding competition, all the coaches and players were under great pressure.

Realizing the challenge that contestant's were facing, Mr.Mao, Vice Principal of Nankai encouraged them to cooperate with team members closely and give full play to their skill. He also released contestants from pressure by telling them not to play the ranking in the first place, as long as they tried their best. At the same time,Coach Shi and Coach Chen made serious analyses of every contestant's strength, in order to come up with a most efficient line-up. Eventually,with coaches and teammates' effort and dedication,our School Women's Basketball Team won the six place in Nation Middle School Basketball League!


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