19 Students and teachers of Nankai visits Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf of Germany :

During the period of 17th September to 3rd October in 2013, the assistant to the president, Miss.Wei Jinli, the English teacher, Du Xia, and 19 other students of Nankai Secondary School, all visited Gymnasium Bad Nenndorf of Germany. Whilst staying at GBN, the teachers and students lived with host families. Our group wholly integrated into German life, with excitement and enthusiasm. We studied and worked with them, acquainted ourselves with the German Education system, and experienced German social life. What is more, teachers of GBN prepared German classes for our group; they taught us German, enriched our knowledge of the Second World War, and also led us to take part in the P.E. Class. Additionally, students staying with their host families spent most of their time familiarizing themselves with German daily life. Over the course of the visit our group visited the Nazi-era Concentration Camp of the World War 2 period, a native well-known old castle, a peaceful European town, and so on. Many happy times were had. Finally, our group reluctantly parted from our German friends. The German and Chinese students have agreed to see each other again next year.


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