An Uplifting Visit to Seattle in 2013 :

Eleven intelligent students from Senior One in Nankai Secondary School - selected based on their expertise and interests, a talented and insightful English teacher, Zhang He, and the vice director of the Party Committee Office, Fang Wenqiang, formed a delegation that traversed the Pacific Ocean from China to Hill¡¯s High School in Seattle, Washington State, in the West. They participated in a series of intriguing and educational activities with local students and their host families for two weeks from May 8, 2013 to May 22, 2013.

During the preparation process, a lot of meticulous work was carried out to guarantee the quality of the visit. The program committee of ¡°Sino-American Youth Communication¡± advertised the program among the students in Senior One. Eleven out of over one hundred enthusiastic students succeeded in assorted tests and interviews, and eventually attained the opportunity to have a glance at the world across the ocean in the west coast of the United States of America. In May, the enthusiastic visiting group departed from the ¡°City of Mountains¡± and arrived in the ¡°City of Rain¡± with excitement and eagerness. They were to live with carefully selected American host families for the duration of their visit, and to study and work with the faculty of Hill¡¯s High during the entire visit, in order to experience American education and the local culture. The delegation engaged in American classes, teacher assemblies, extracurricular courses and so forth, explored City Library, Pike Market, Technology Center and Washington State Capitol, watched baseball games, and participated in community volunteer program of the Chinese language service so that they might have a better understanding of American culture and assimilate into the local society. Meanwhile, the delegation was fortunate enough to meet and speak with the mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, and visited Tay High School, where Chongqing Nankai Secondary sets up Confucius classes. The tour was short, but at the same time inspiring and rewarding, and over the course of the trip, the friendship between the Chinese and American students was strengthened.

As the two fleeting weeks¡¯ finally came to an end, the teachers and students were sad to say goodbye. Before setting off on their way home, they promised to reunite in Chongqing next year.


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