Students Participated AmCham Volunteer Selection Campaign :

On May 26, 2013, 30 senior high students from the International class of Nankai participated the ˇ°2013-2014 AmCham Volunteer Selection Campaignˇ± held in Chongqing.

AmCham is composed of representatives from American companies including Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Oracle, Microsoft and etc. It is the largest and most influential foreign chamber of commerce in southwestern China.

Aiming at selecting excellent and dedicated volunteers, this campaign includes self introduction section, English speech section and Q & A section, all of which are conducted in English. Due to their fluent English and unique perspectives, the performances of students from Nankai were highly recognized by judges composed of representatives of AmCham and Senior Executives of Fortune Global 500.

Eventually, 10 students were successfully selected as volunteers of AmCham. They are: Huang XIaoyi (senior one), Deng Xinyi (senior one), Zeng Lingxiao (senior two), Liu Shukang (senior one), Li Tanzhen (senior one), Dai Xingyue (senior one), Liao Jinsha (senior one), Zeng Zhu (senior two), Li aoyi (senior two) and Zhao Weilan (senior two).


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