Latest Report of 2013 Societies and Clubs Recruitment :

On Sep 17, 2013, annual Societies and Clubs Recruitment was held in Sanyou Road of Nankai. 30 societies and clubs participated in this event, in which there were not only traditional clubs such as the Drama Club but also newly developed clubs such as the very popular Aerobics Club. Each club has its own pavilion with various posters and publicity boards.

Compared with previous years, one unique feature of this year was that every club performed a talent show to attract new members. As the opening of this recruitment fair, band from the Music Club performed a song ˇ°Power of Musicˇ± and attracted a number of students walking passing by. Besides, street dance club performed an amazing dance and won the applause of every onsite audiences. During the following time, Martial Art club, Aerobics club and Animation Club also performed shows. Journalists from Chongqing Television reported this fair.

This recruitment fair was held successfully. Over 300 students signed in for the Psychology Club and more than 200 candidates for the Drama Club. The Mathematics Club, the youngest club of all, also attracted over 60 students. Societies and Clubs has always been a featured students activity of Nankai. It enables students to develop their specialties as well as leadership and teamwork.


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