Latest Report of The 3rd ¡°Wave Talent¡± Campus Singing Contest :

On Dec 26, 2013, the 3rd ¡°Wave Talent¡± Campus Singing Contest was held in Chongqing Nankai Secondary School. With teachers and students as the judges jointly, ten finalists were selected after several rounds of knockout matches. Everyone of them was very competitive and characteristic. After one hand a half hour¡¯s tense match.

Songs of various styles were performed in the first round. Candidates sang not only Chinese pop songs but also English ones such as ¡°Memory¡±, the theme song of the opera ¡°Cat¡±, jazz song ¡°Dream a little dream of me¡±, ¡°The edge of glory¡±, music piece form Lady Gaga, ¡°S&M¡±, the top song of American Billboard and etc.

In the second round, performances by the final six candidates won the applause of all the audiences. Guo Xiaotao from the school Folk Music Team played taguitar while singing the song. Yang Lujia win the third prize with ¡°Spice¡±; Xiang Xuyang, also the member of school Folk Music Team won the second prize and Li Aoyi, president of school MIDI club won the fist prize.

Year after year, Nankai students¡¯ passion for music never fades away. Because of this contest, those impressive candidates soon becomes celebrities in the campus. As one of the major students activities, ¡°Wave Talent¡± Campus Singing Contest gives students a great opportunity to fully show their talents.


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